Isla Medical Foundation Volunteers

At the heart of Isla Medical Foundation are its volunteers.  The impact that we make is completely dependent on the kindness, brilliance, and commitment of our volunteer family.  Our volunteers shape our ever-evolving ability to be of service in all sorts of ways.  Doctors, nurses, specialists, educators, and anyone who “just wants to help”…we’re a motley crew with one common interest: Making a difference!

On each and every mission, volunteers unite to accomplish a predetermined goal.  From specific medical care to population education to community restoration, we have a reason to report for duty for anyone who is feeling drawn to do so.  “Life-changing” is the word we most often hear from volunteers who decide to gift us and those we’re serving with a bit of their time and heart.  Check out a few of our testimonials here! (Link out to a testimonials page or just include here?)

In the aftermath of Typhoon Odette, our need for volunteers is at an all time high.  If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out the form below: